not sure about blogging

I have things to say that just don’t seem to fit anywhere else. I created forums with the idea that it is a way for everybody to share and we are all on equal footing. As opposed to a blog which is where it seems like one person sits on a pedestal and speaks down to the masses.

Now, I seem to be drowning in people wanting to know what I think on all sorts of things and I just can’t keep up.

At the same time, I have been asked at least a hundred times for directions to where my blog is. When I try to direct people to my forums, they seem to not know what a forum is.

So …. I’ll give this a try.


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One Response to not sure about blogging

  1. Paul, I’ll be following along to see what direction you take. I have a hard time making the time to pour through forums, much less participate in them. They are good if you are part of the conversation, but not too good if you come in late and have to figure out who’s opinion is worthwhile and wade through all the info.

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