Heat yourself and not the whole house and save 80% on heat

permaculture podcast 1 – cut your heat needs by 80%

My first podcast.

Jocelyn Campbell of jocelynsevents.com removes the last of the barriers for me to spit out a podcast. I want to thank all of the people that encouraged me to make a podcast and Jack Spirko of thesurvivalpodcast.com.

I take on two questions in the beginning, the first is about raising chickens. The second is about my preference for doing permaculture inland.

Then we get into the real discussion. I still didn’t cover as much as I would like on this topic. The key is that this year I am still experimenting with saving energy on heating. The key is to heat myself instead of the whole house. And to prefer the use of conductive heat or radiant heat over convective heat. It all started with a thread at permies called “making the best of electric heat“. In that thread I sorta journal about experiments and progress.

I think the quality of this podcast is low. But that was part of what got me to make it: expectations on quality were really low. As time passes I will probably get better.


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6 Responses to Heat yourself and not the whole house and save 80% on heat

  1. Steve in Fresno says:

    Awsome Paul, You have become my favorite part of Jack’s show!!
    Oh and great info!!

  2. I wanna see a picture of your workspace / desk with all the stuff. The Podcast was good.

  3. Richard says:

    Thanks Paul for all the time and effort this requires. I think you will find that this will expand your personal brand alot more than you can dream. I also believe the information that provide will be a tremendous help to many many people. Including me.

  4. Longsnowsm says:

    Loved it Paul! I would love to see some show notes with the items you recommend and some pics of your work space. I am one of those tough guys who sits and freezes at my desk all day with the heat turned way down… I could probably hang meat in my house it is so cold so this type of heating idea sounds very appealing to me! Keep up the great work. How often are you going to do a podcast? Weekly? Thanks again.

  5. Caleb says:

    Alright a podcast from Paul!

    I hope you enjoy it and keep on doing them.

  6. Juan Natural says:

    Loved your podcast, looking forward to the future ones 🙂

    I find them to be a great complement to your videos.

    Keep them coming!

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