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Humanure and Composting Toilets

The topic of composting toilets and managing bodily fluids comes up again and again and it is one that I’ve touched on in numerous podcasts over the years.  But just recently I visited Missoula’s wastewater treatment plant with Heath Carey, a … Continue reading

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Compost-Based Bio-Energy Systems

When done properly, composting creates a great deal of heat – heat that can be harnessed to heat water and create usable energy. To capture this heat, the late French innovator, Jean Pain, developed a technique (Jean Pain Method) harvesting energy from composting materials, ultimately providing … Continue reading

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Replacing Irrigation with Permaculture

Recently I gave a presentation (see video below) in Oceanside, CA, on the topic of replacing irrigation with permaculture.  I will be giving the same presentation in Missoula, MT at the Inland Northwest Permaculture Conference , November 9-1th, 2012. There are scads … Continue reading

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