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Podcast Collection with Geoff Lawton and Paul Wheaton

Do you want to be fly on the wall for over 13 hours of permaculture banter between Geoff Lawton and Paul Wheaton?  The Crown Prince of permaculture and the Duke of permaculture cover gobs of diverse material in this collection of … Continue reading

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Keen on Mason Bees

And now boys and girls, it is time for Uncle Paul to tell you about the birds and the bees. Or, more accurately, I want to focus on the flowers and the bees.  And, even more accurately:  Flower sex.  The kinky, … Continue reading

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Apple Trees from Seed

There is this story going around that if you try and grow apples from seed, then there is only a 1 in 20,000 chance that you’ll have an edible apple. That’s a pretty daunting statistic. No wonder more people aren’t … Continue reading

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