Podcast Collection with Geoff Lawton and Paul Wheaton

Do you want to be fly on the wall for over 13 hours of permaculture banter between Geoff Lawton and Paul Wheaton?  The Crown Prince of permaculture and the Duke of permaculture cover gobs of diverse material in this collection of 11 podcasts.

Photo by Jocelyn Campbell

Summaries and links to access are listed below.

Podcast 089 – Geoff Lawton Part 1

Paul Wheaton interviews Geoff Lawton. Geoff has dvds out on SoilsFood ForestsWater Harvesting, Introduction to Permaculture, and Urban Pemaculture. Paul shares aout Norris Thomlinson. Geoff Mentions Path to Freedom, and 2 families living off of half the size land that Norris was on. Geoff says that permaculture is more interested in edge than area. He also says that you design around time, and you cannot ignore your symbiotic relationship with your neighbors. Paul mentions Helen Atthowe, a soil scientist, and his and her debate over nitrogen availability in legumes. Paul then asks about the third ethic, returning the surplus to the earth and people.

Podcast 090 – Geoff Lawton Part 2

Paul Wheaton continues his conversation with Geoff Lawton. Geoff talks about the importance of cooperation rather than territorialism–we need to promote anybody we can, and offer education wherever possible. It is the opposite of how you might normally think about business. We want to maintain networks and exchanges of information, and give away more than we take. Geoff talks about layers of community (generations, cultures) we need to work in, like layers in a food forest. You find a niche and fill it.

Podcast 195 – Geoff Lawton on his Food Forests DVD

Paul Wheaton talks to Geoff Lawton about his Food Forests DVD. Paul and Geoff talk about detractors. Geoff talks about having self-sufficient fun, and the peacefulness and contentment of setting up a permaculture system. They talk about being able to use the word permaculture without taking a PDC, although it is good for everybody to take a PDC. Geoff suggests sharing the 3 ethics. Geoff talks about using mainframe holistic design that is more inclusive than exclusive.

Podcast 227 – Spreading Permaculture with Geoff Lawton Part 1

In this podcast, Paul and Geoff Lawton talk about spreading Permaculture. At the time of the interview, Geoff is in the Dead Sea valley in Jordan. He is near the original Greening the Desert site, which he and Paul discuss along with the new Greening the Desert site, which is now 4 years in and funded by teaching courses.

They also discuss how Geoff’s Food Forest DVD has taken the world by storm. Geoff is in the process of making a new film about food forests in cold and dry climates, with more in depth films on each climate in the future.

Geoff talks about how he was a part of the Permaculture Convergence in Northern California where he did a talk and a 5-day workshop. Then they discuss TEDx San Francisco where Geoff talked about Resilient Cities and the counter culture.

Geoff also proclaims that Paul is the Duke of Permaculture.

Podcast 228 – Spreading Permaculture with Geoff Lawton Part 2

This is part 2 of Spreading Permaculture with Geoff Lawton. Paul and Geoff Lawton continue their conversation about spreading permaculture. They start off by discussing that there are enough people on the ground doing permaculture successfully and recording it, so the creditability is there to prove that permaculture is a system that works.  Geoff says that Permaculture Global shows people successfully using the practices of permaculture all over the world. Geoff tells us that if we can work with the world and stabilize the systems we can help save the world.

One of Geoff’s most famous quotes is you can solve all the worlds problems in a garden.

Podcast 276 – Geoff Lawton on Permaculture Part 1

Geoff Lawton answers a ton of questions like why he’s not on the Permaculture Playing Cards. Paul and Geoff discuss how they deal with detractors. They discuss the top women in permaculture. Why is there hostility in the permaculture movement.? How did metaphysics wind up in permaculture? Who is in charge of permaculture? If no one is in charge, who decides? The best system wins.

Podcast 277 – Geoff Lawton on Permaculture Part 2

This is the continuation of podcast 276They talk about the PRI certified instructors and whether the holding hand and singing sound is part of a PDC. Geoff’s opinion is that if a PDC will include a metaphysical portion, it should be advertised at such. They talk about why some people are moving away from the term permaculture.

They move on to talk about some techniques for greening the desert. Paul then asks Geoff some listener questions such as ways to mitigate salt in soils, challenges with the project in Jordan and some of the best tactics to spread permaculture.

Podcast 279 – Geoff Lawton Q&A

Geoff Lawton reached out to Paul to discuss the peoples questions. Paul explained how the forum generated a lot of questions. Topics were: trees generating more moisture thru condensation, gabion baskets, flood plains, food forest, Geoff’s DVDs, broad areas, design projects, online PDC, permaculture in mines, and more.

Podcast 280 – Geoff  Lawton Q&A Round 2 Part 2

More questions for Geoff Lawton, including good information about how you could help at the Jordan project (if you can get yourself there). Geoff says you could travel the world today going from project to project if you are a good worker and a good person. If you’re going to be an intern at Geoff’s farm in Australia (Zaytuna), you will pay for that “master class.” He does have WOOFers, one month would be the minimum and the really good ones will stay for a pretty long time, 6-9 months. The successful collaborations are like family–Geoff feels like he has multiple “homes” all over the world.

Podcast 281 – Geoff Lawton Q&A Round 2 Part 2

Questions and answers surrounding: establishing a food forest in the high desert, air wells, acres to self-sufficiency, cold climates versus tropical or sub-tropical climates, the connection between urban and suburban permaculture, and more.

Podcast 282 – Geoff Lawton Q&A Round 3

The final Q & A podcast wraps with national permaculture organization and Bill Mollison, internships, favorite storage / staple crops, animals for cold climate, berms, coniferous wood in hugelkultur beds versus deciduous wood, and even permaculture curriculum for homeschooling.

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