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Infecting Brains with Permaculture 52 Cards at a Time

When you are bonkers about permaculture, your friends and family tend to think you are crazy …. Your fictional friend trying to escape your crazy talk: At the same time, the season has come where we are expected to give … Continue reading

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Did You Just Should on Me?

Recently, I complained about somebody using the word “should” on me.  Another person then complained about my choice to “use the full beauty of the English language” (language that some might refer to as “harsh” or “colorful”), so how could … Continue reading

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Sweating the Summer Heat? Plug into Permaculture

It’s hot!  So it is perfect timing to talk about how to stay cool on the cheap – both long term and short term. 1) Grow trees to shade the house.  If the outside is cooler then the inside is cooler too.  The … Continue reading

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