Infecting Brains with Permaculture 52 Cards at a Time

When you are bonkers about permaculture, your friends and family tend to think you are crazy ….

Your fictional friend trying to escape your crazy talk:


At the same time, the season has come where we are expected to give gifts to our friends and family.

I suspect that all of you reading this are not as evil as I am.  When I give gifts, rather than giving people stuff that they might like, I tend to give them things that I like them to have.   Usually a book that I would like them to read, or a weird tool that I would like them to have so that I’m not the only person with that tool.

The ultimate gift would be something that would help them understand me better – so I might seem less crazy to them. And fit in a stocking.


I spent a year and half working with Alexander Ojeda on making something to fit this tiny, once a year niche.   We made a deck of cards where each card contains a cool piece of permaculture information.    The idea is that somebody would open the deck and take up to nine seconds looking at the cards.   So we have nine seconds to get them hooked on permaculture, but we don’t know which card they will look at first.  So we spent enormous amounts of time polishing each card.    All this work so that we might seem a little less crazy to our friends and family.

We did a kickstarter and raised $70,853!  So, apparently, other people might be needing this niche filled too!  I think the cards turned out far better than I thought possible:


The idea of the deck of cards is that people might browse it like a book — but this is all pictures and just a few words.  Much easier to browse, and hopefully convey a bigger picture in a smaller package.

On 26 of the cards we hid the names of people that were big supporters of the kickstarter, or friends and family that helped with the project.   If you look on this card, you will see a name hidden in the image …   near the bottom …

The Hugelkultur Ace


If this devious plot works:


You can now buy the permaculture playing cards on amazon here!!
You can buy them directly from Paul for cheaper here!!

Discuss this more in a thread dedicated to this blog at






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