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Kickstarter Advice

First, of course, I want to make it clear that I am powerfully keen on kickstarter in general. I like the site. I like the professionalism in the way it is run. And, my favorite part, is how people can … Continue reading

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Breakfast With Spiderman

I got up this morning and made coffee. While the coffee was brewing I sat in the kitchen and processed about 50 emails. Good news! Only three snarky youtube comments while I slept. They were actually pretty borderline. Not quite … Continue reading

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Rocket Mass Heaters: The absurdly efficient, ridiculously cheap, surprisingly comfortable way to heat your home.

My newest kickstarter campaign is finally underway! We are hoping to fund the production of four more DIY DVD’s about Rocket Mass Heaters! Lemme tell ya, hopes are high because it has reached over a 1/3 of its campaign goal with 190 … Continue reading

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