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First, of course, I want to make it clear that I am powerfully keen on kickstarter in general. I like the site. I like the professionalism in the way it is run. And, my favorite part, is how people can come up with a cool product and go into business without groveling to a bank.

I have shared a lot of kickstarters with folks. And for several of those it made the difference in getting funded. The people on the daily-ish email seem to groove on them and it does bring me a big thrill to seem to be in a position to help like this.

And now I’ve done it enough that there have been some things that have fallen a little flat. So I am writing this blog with the idea of sharing with everybody that is also keen on kickstarter stuff and for future kickstarter people to read and end up with a good and decent kickstarter.

1) Get a $1 reward option up there, and make it a significant reward. Not just “thanks”. Maybe an unseen video of yours, or a micro-documentary, or a collection of articles you’ve written, or something like that. The reason this is so important is because the more backers you get, the more likely you are to be listed on the popular list, which is obviously where you want to be. The way to get on the popular list is by getting TONS of backers, not by tons of money.

2) Back some other kickstarters. If someone comes to your page and sees you have backed zero other kickstarters, it sorta makes you look lame and apart from the kickstarter community.

3) Have a clearly stated goal.

4) State your qualifications that might lead me to think you can attain your goal.

5) Show me this is a well-thought-out plan, with details. BE TRANSPARENT. How much of your plan have you accomplished to date?

6) Speaking of transparency, make a damn pie chart and tell us where the money is going!

7) Do you have some kickass rewards? If not, get a bunch of good ones up, and at low prices.

During my last kickstarter I realized that when somebody supports me via kickstarter, they are, effectively, saying “I trust you to provide something awesome. Before there is even one review of the final product. I trust you so much that I will wait six months for this!” And that made me think that rather than provide the product at a fair price, I want to figure out a way to provide the product at a much lower price on kickstarter. Even more than that: I want to put a LOT of extra stuff into the product just for the kickstarter supporters.


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I am a Freelance Writer who grew up under the big blue skies of Montana. I recently received my B.A. in English from The University of Montana and have headed out west to try out California life. I am a very passionate person and I have a fire in soul for all things regarding gardening, literature, permaculture, and feminism. In my spare time I enjoys reading heady philosophical novels, and going fishing in the dark.
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