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I am a Freelance Writer who grew up under the big blue skies of Montana. I recently received my B.A. in English from The University of Montana and have headed out west to try out California life. I am a very passionate person and I have a fire in soul for all things regarding gardening, literature, permaculture, and feminism. In my spare time I enjoys reading heady philosophical novels, and going fishing in the dark.

the state of the jungle

It seems that the more stuff I create, the more people want of me. At the same time, the more stuff I create and post to the mighty internet, the more people find and then they need to give me … Continue reading

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Swords, Iron, Missoula Blood and Pie

First, I must apologize as this is a bit of sour grapes. Airing some dirty laundry. At the same time, I’m told I am one of missoula’s most popular bloggers, so maybe this squeaky wheel will squeak a bit louder … Continue reading

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jumping spiders and daddy longlegs in your house keep away brown recluse

This video is of a jumping spider that found its way onto my monitor. I was once bit by a brown recluse spider. I had a big welt on my arm for six months. In those days I killed all … Continue reading

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struggles, hurdles, challenges and observation

the tree When I was about 12 I read a book where there was a father and son living in a simple house with a simple yard and a big tree behind the house. Somehow things were such that the … Continue reading

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junkpole fence: freaky cheap chicken/deer fence made from wood typically thrown away

We needed a permanent fence that would keep flighty chickens (layers) in and keep the deer and the wild turkeys out. We experimented with a few designs that all ended up being awful. And when we tried this design, the … Continue reading

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Quest For Land: My Advice For Permies and Homesteaders Part 3 of 3

(Photo by Art Held) Re-Husp While I was in Montana searching for land, my brain stumbled into this idea that I now call “rehusp” (or “re-husp”). In a feeble attempt to summarize: I want to grow the future of permaculture. … Continue reading

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Quest For Land: My Advice to Permies and Homesteaders Part 2 of 3

Selling Your Soul Into Slavery So many people living in the city are coming to the conclusion that they hate their life. The work at a job they hate – mostly because they would hate other jobs even more. They … Continue reading

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